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Finished result. Thanks Erik Berge for being a great friend and model for this rewarding work. It’s a pleasure to work with you my darling ❤️❤️❤️




Publicerad av Cash

My art often been inspired by my memories of Afghanistan. At the age of 16, I fled with my family, as political refugees, to Sweden. Since then I have been living and working in Stockholm. Today I paint more in the abstract form of portraits of people I meet. People who touch me on a deeper plane. long-term friendships but also occasional meetings. LGBTQ people who represent the world I live in and know the unlimited love but also share many experiences with. I discuss the art, among others, Afghanistan, feminism and queer life, all embodied in human form. It is man who becomes symbols and tools for creating discussion and reflection on these topics. At the heart of the works is the human being and the meeting between people, my latest paintings which are the major part of my works you see are a series of portraits called crossroads. A series that has not met its end yet.


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